The Garlic Mayo Chicken One (grilled) at McDonald’s

Uncover The Savory Secret: McDonald’s Grilled Garlic Mayo Chicken Delight!

Craving a healthier, non-burger option at McDonald’s?

Uncover the delicious solution: Grilled Garlic Mayo Chicken packed with flavor and goodness!

Introducing McDonald’s enticing alternative, the Garlic Mayo Chicken One (Grilled):

  • Succulent grilled chicken
  • Soft tortilla
  • Crisp, fresh vegetables
  • Flavorful garlic mayo sauce

A perfect choice for health-conscious diners seeking a departure from traditional burgers. This delicious ensemble offers a healthier, yet equally satisfying, main course option at McDonald’s.

Nutritional Value & Caloric Information:

Calories: 332 kcalEnergy: 1396 kJ

Here’s a table breaking down the nutritional content of McDonald’s Garlic Mayo Chicken One (Grilled) per serving:

NutrientAmount Per Serving

With a calorie count of 332 kcal, understanding these values is crucial for informed choices. Compared to the UK’s average daily requirement for weight maintenance (2,200 kcal), this dish offers a balanced and satisfying option for mindful eaters.

Allergen Information:

The Garlic Mayo Chicken One (Grilled) contains allergens:

  • Eggs
  • Wheat gluten
  • Mustard
  • Milk

Possible traces of:

  • Barley gluten
  • Rye gluten
  • Sesame

This information is vital for individuals with food allergies or sensitivities, ensuring they can make informed choices and manage their dietary needs effectively.

Meal Cost & Price Variability:

The Garlic Mayo Chicken One (Grilled) offers affordability, priced at £6.59 for medium and £7.29 for large sizes. 

Note that prices vary by location; however, the average cost stands around £4.89. Despite potential fluctuations, it remains an accessible and reasonably priced option at McDonald’s outlets.

User Experience & Satisfaction:

Customers rave about the Garlic Mayo Chicken One (Grilled) at McDonald’s, praising its delightful taste and exceptional value. 

Testimonials highlight its popularity as a flavorful, healthier choice that doesn’t compromise on satisfaction. 

Diners appreciate its freshness and flavorful blend and commend its affordability, making it a go-to option for those seeking both taste and nutrition.

How to Order & Availability?

To relish the Garlic Mayo Chicken One (Grilled) at McDonald’s, simply visit any outlet and inquire at the counter or use the self-service kiosks for a hassle-free order. 

This delectable offering is widely available at all McDonald’s locations across the UK, ensuring accessibility and convenience for those craving a flavorful and health-conscious meal option. 

Whether in bustling cities or quieter towns, this dish awaits at your nearest McDonald’s outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: Is The Garlic Mayo Chicken One (Grilled) Suitable For Vegetarians?

No, it contains grilled chicken as its main ingredient.

Q: Does The Garlic Mayo Chicken One (Grilled) Contain Any Added Preservatives?

McDonald’s emphasizes using fresh ingredients; however, it’s advisable to check with the staff for specific details.

Q: Can I Customize The Garlic Mayo Chicken One (Grilled) To Suit My Dietary Preferences?

Yes, McDonald’s often allows modifications. You can request alterations like removing certain ingredients or adjusting the sauce.

Q: Are There Any Alternatives For Individuals Allergic To Gluten Or Dairy?

Unfortunately, this dish contains wheat gluten, eggs, and milk. McDonald’s might offer alternative menu items suitable for specific dietary needs.

Q: What Size Options Are Available For The Garlic Mayo Chicken One (Grilled)?

It comes in both medium and large sizes, offering flexibility for different appetites.

Q: Does The Price Of The Garlic Mayo Chicken One (Grilled) Vary Across Different McDonald’s Locations?

Yes, prices can differ based on location, but there’s an average cost of around £4.89 for this item.


McDonald’s Garlic Mayo Chicken One (Grilled) offers a flavorful blend of ingredients, balanced nutrition, and allergen details. 

Its reasonable cost and high user satisfaction make it an ideal choice. Don’t miss the chance to savor this wholesome option and make informed selections when dining at McDonald’s.

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